Sunday, September 18, 2011

Men Are Naggers Too!

Okay, make it Men Can Be Naggers Too! I just realized how men tend to be naggers too, though not as often as women do!

I thought so when my husband repeatedly asked me to wake up. I know it's past eight in the morning, but hey, I breastfeed my little one at night and I'm so tired and sleepless by then. He did it not just once, twice.. but more than three times consecutively! Can you imagine that?!

I always remember the old saying [translated to English] "Joke with a drunk not with the with someone who just woke up!". It's just plain annoying. He's becoming "me". Haha. Must be my fault too, anyway, I told him not to do it again as it pisses me off. We'll see tomorrow!

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