Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My WoW Diet!

My addiction to World of Warcraft, WoW for short, started when I was in elementary. My cousin installed Warcraft, the very first version, in our computer. There were only orcs and humans back then, if you know what I mean. :) Then, Warcraft II was released when I was in middle school. I was able to play via LAN with my classmate's brothers. LOL. Brothers! I don't think I was able to play Warcraft III but I was lured to Dota, which I thought was a Blizzard game too. Anyway, that addiction stopped when I reached college 'til I started working. Would you believe that I returned to play again after getting married?! It's not that our relationship is boring, but I became a homemaker, so what better way to entertain myself than play WoW!

WoW will consume all your time completing quests, leveling up, advancing skills, and all other common RPG stuff. It also lets you connect with a whole lot of people, depending what region you choose. I consider myself a newbie and someone who plays just for fun. For me, what's more fun and interesting are the friends you gain! In my 8 consecutive months of playing [take note, you need to buy the software and pay $15 per month], I was able to maintain a few friends. I actually have 3 Facebook friends whom I continue to socialize with! Isn't that great!? Besides taking away my boring days, at least I got something in return from playing it. Though my husband didn't really like the idea of me subscribing to WoW every month, because I skip meals and I sleep late, like 3 in the morning. =D

I can't find the link where they offer 10-day Free Trial, but I tell you, I downloaded it thrice before I actually bit the hook!

I stopped playing since August 2010 because I surrendered myself to a new addiction - My Little One! I'll find time to post other addicting games in the future though, so hang in there, game addicts!

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