Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Updated: Apartment Renters - Beware!

We recently moved to Kenilworth at Perring Park to save at least a hundred in monthly bills. Unfortunately, this was the WORST decision we ever made! I can say that I'm a patient and understanding kind of person when it comes to this. I would have said, "Oh never mind, it's just a roach, spray on them and they'll be dead." or "Oh, the sink is clogged, use a stick or whatever to remove it!", even more, "The maintenance personnel was here this morning and he didn't remove his dusty boots again, but hey, that's why we have a carpet [vacuum] cleaner!" but now, it's just TOO MUCH! I should have trusted ApartmentRatings.com!

In the past 6 months, we already experienced the following:
~ Clogged bathtub
~ Clogged bathroom sink
~ Roaches and other sort of insects not just in the kitchen and bathroom, but all over the house! =( [I am a clean OCD person, FYI.] You'll see them everywhere - walls, deer park water dispenser, little one's high chair... =(
~ Common public washer/dryer wasn't working for more than 2 weeks.
~ Dent in front of the car; Scratches and damaged plate in front!
~ WORST: Called 911 because a stranger knocked on our door twice between 12:30-1:00AM!
~ UNACCEPTABLE: Received a trial notice for Failure to Pay Rent, when WE DID PAY! We just don't want a court record because it connotes that you're not a responsible citizen. Plus, they taped the note just above the mailbox where everyone can read it! What a shame if some of my friends saw it!

The only good thing I can say is their immediate response whenever you need to get something fixed. Though, it won't ever get fixed because the building is old. I reported all the things I mentioned above.

If you're planning to rent an apartment somewhere near the area, I suggest you inquire at Eudowood Towers.
The building is old too, but it's so much more tolerable and uncomparable with Kenilworth Apartment at Perring Park! Plus, the leasing manager is kind, unlike like here, where there really is a "manager from hell".

I will post pictures as soon as I get the chance. Can't wait to move!

[Dec. 1, 2011] NEWLY ADDED! - Today, I discovered that it's not only roaches but rodents, too! I was so mad when I discovered that the rodent/s ate 3 packs of my favorite soup! I have been saving them for more than a year for 'cravings attack'. Now, I have nothing left but an empty stomach. If you haven't experience this, you just don't know how MADDDD I am right now. Here's the photo, circled the 'holes'.

Here are the pictures I promised to upload:
1) Bathroom - We discovered where they are coming from, see that vanity mirror? Those "black" spots are actually roaches trapped in a clear tape! They live behind that thing... Now, imagine if they remove that mirror.

2) Living Room Wall

3) Kitchen - Not just there, but inside the dishwasher [where I'm 'safe-keeping' our everyday plates and utensils, guess it's not safe anymore!]

4) Water Dispenser - Our water's supposed to be clean. I wonder since when we've been drinking roach-flavored water!? And yes, it's a free-rent in that dispenser!

Disclaimer: The content of this review is based on my experience. A current resident when this post was written.

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