Monday, November 21, 2011

Closer to Nature, For Sure!

I am a breastfeeding mom for almost eight months now and I plan to do so until my little one's first year. I'd say mine are over-stimulated because when I compare the milk I produce with other moms, they seem to have less milk than I do that they stop at 4 months. I remember my friend teased me once, "Hey, you only need a bell and you'll look like a cow. Mooo... Mooo..." Oh, well, knowing the jolly person that I am, I didn't take the joke seriously. *Laugh*

At first, I thought I would not need bottles, well, I was totally wrong! I need time to rest too and my husband can do the feeding sometimes! So I started buying bottles and ended up not having just 1 brand, but 3! Unfortunately, they don't interest my little one! But there's one brand I'd say she likes, and that is Tommee Tippee! I went store-hopping just to find the perfect nipple! Not too long, not too wide and not too hard! I found the perfect one - Closer to Nature ® 5 fl oz feeding bottle! I'm going to buy 9 fl oz ones soon! My little one loves it! It really is Closer to Nature! I recommend this to all breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding moms, it won't be hard for your baby to transition to this nature.

If you're thinking of a baby shower present, there's no need to search, Tommee Tippee is the answer! For a complete lineup of their products, check out their website. You can find them exclusively at Babies R Us and Toys R Us.

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