Monday, November 28, 2011

Definitely Worth Your Precious Little One's Safety!

My little one is a big one. She needed a new convertible seat at 6 months! We really had a hard time looking for a new one. We've been to different stores to try and check the quality, price and durability. We went to one store and ended up with 3 choices, we didn't buy of course, because we can't decide!

Luckily, a friend told us that Britax is the best brand when it comes to car seats. We trust my friends' testimonies as they trust mine/ours. To make the comparison quick and easily available, we looked it up online. When my husband searched "Top 10 Best Car Seats", Britax comes first if not second, definitely not the last.

So, we went to the same store again and managed to lower our options to two! We went home again empty-handed.

We are also budget-conscious, and we just realized, yes indeed, but not when it comes to our child's safety. The next time we went to the store, we didn't think twice, we asked the saleslady for the Britax we wanted. To our surprise, they don't have a stock anymore! Good thing they redirected us to another branch which was 15 miles away, luckily, they have 1 more car seat left. Whew! We've decided and we don't want to change our minds, so we hurriedly went to that other branch and got our Britax Marathon Classic!

Now, whenever my little one is in her car seat, I don't go thinking what might happen if [fingers crossed] we went into an accident. I normally look at her, holding her hand while my husband drives, but now, I am relaxed! I feel she's safe as long as I put the belts on properly. I tell you, it's a great feeling! Makes me worry-free!

Get a Britax for your precious one, it's definitely worth it!

Disclaimer: The content of this review is based on my knowledge, research and wording. I personally tested the product/s to be able to give an honest review. I was not, in any way, paid to do this.

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