Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Secret to Flawless Skin

Most of my friends ask me why I have flawless skin. I am not selfish so I tell them honestly what I use, and I'm revealing my husband's too! You might not be surprised but here they are:

For me, Olay Facial Scrub and Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer. First, Olay Facial Scrub is the only scrub that works on my skin - sometimes oily, sometimes dry, sometimes normal skin. LOL! I have tried other brands and it makes my skin dry and itchy, until and surprisingly, my husband bought me Olay! Together with the scrub, he also bought me Olay Complete Moisturizer. I love this because I can use it all-year long! It protects my skin from UV rays, which of course you know, are harmful to the skin. Did you know you can get it from your computer monitor? Yes, that one you're probably facing! Read it from Olay's website! It also works as a moisturizer so as not to dry my skin! My sister told me that it's best to apply moisturizer before and after putting on makeup. At first, I thought, what the? I understand the after, but why would I put a moisturizer before putting a cheek tint?! Now I know! It's works like a protective layer. I have not asked any beauty expert about this but why not give it a try and you'll see! ;)

For my husband, Olay Refreshing Toner [now, Olay Oil Minimizing Toner] and Olay Complete Night Fortifying cream. He needs the toner for his oily skin and the latter has the same effect as the moisturizer I am using. He bought Olay Complete Night Fortifying cream because he doesn't have enough time in the morning, so yes, he prefers it nightly, before going to sleep. And I tell you, I love touching his face, because it's smooth and it has become smoother!

For us, Olay ultra-moisture lotion which leaves our skin soft and smooth! No to dry summer skin, plus, say goodbye to itchy winter skin!

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