Friday, November 18, 2011

Where to Find Christmas Cards... and Presents Too!

Yes, yes, you're right! You can get them from Tiny Prints! They offer top-quality, unique photo gifts and decor - for all occasions [Hint: Happy Holidays!]. Below are some possible presents you can give me, I mean, your loved ones.

1) Mounted Wall Art for your special someone! It comes in different sizes. I am sure s/he will appreciate this kind of memory-preservation! They look so lovely you might end up getting not just one, but three! Three for ILY!

2) Mint Tins as party favors for your Christmas get-togethers.

3) Address Labels! You don't have to burden yourself writing on piles of mails, this will make it easier for you! You can choose from 1,000+ designs, there's surely that something that fits your personality so you still have that personal touch [the ones below are so 'me'].

And, since it'll soon be the yuletide season, I bet it's not just only me who is excited with their Christmas card line-up! My favorite is the design Luxuriant Wreath...

...Why? Because this design will come with the ribbon embellishment attached! I love cards with pictures, but that screaming red ribbon looks so unique, simple yet elegant. I'll just order stickers with our photos to come with it. *Wink*

Christmas cards matter to me and I want to make it different because I know a friend who owns a humongous tree, and he decorates it will all the cards he receive! I want people to ask, "Oh, wow, who sent this? This is lovely! She has a good taste!". I am definitely going to take a picture of it, and I'll update this post hopefully by the end of December. Though I don't do the same setup, I'll keep all my cards in a box first, then I'll scan each and include them on my photobook! Yay!

So, what Tiny Print present are you going to order now? If you know someone who'll surely love them and you don't now what they want, what better way to do than give them a Tiny Prints Gift Certificate! I would love some! *Wink again*

And oh, before I forget, they have a current promotion called Tiny Prints Talent Search Contest. Get a chance to win $1,000, a $500 Tiny Prints gift certificate and be featured in their 2012 marketing campaign! Click the link, enter today!

Enjoy the yuletide season!

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