Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#Feeding Time Solved: #Goodbye #Mess

I was given the opportunity to review two Tommee Tippee products from their weaning line.

First, the pink Explora Easi-Mat! This is just perfect for my little one, wait, no! This is perfect for me! Haha. I don't only use it at home but I bring it every time we travel just to avoid the mess. It sticks to flat surfaces like wood, ceramic, stone and even metal! Just don't try to feed your baby on the carpet! The Explora Easi-Mat is compatible with Explora Weaning Bowl. But I also tried it with our ceramic plate and it worked, it's just that the plate's too big! So yes, you better use it with Explora Weaning Bowl! They have a 4-ct pack and a 2-ct pack that comes with a spoon. As you can see, I bought mine and I really like how it fits the Explora Easi-Mat!

That mat would look perfect with the Explora Easi-Roll Bib. This is unlike any other. We've tried the cloth, polyester and the combination but none of them lasted long enough. Explora Easi-Roll bib is light and you can roll it, which makes it perfect to use especially when traveling. Definitely no mess because those morsels of food that fall from your baby's mouth will go down straight to the 'crumb catcher'! There's also a sort of lock that will be on your little one's back, she won't be able to remove it by herself! That's one problem I had with the other bibs, they don't really lock. Last, but not the least of all the positive points I mentioned, it is easy to clean, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or use a half-sheet of your baby's wipes if you can't wash it with water soon. That day I used it, I was at home so I washed it ASAP and in less than 15 minutes, it's already dry! It feels good not having to add another stuff in her laundry basket! That's less work for mom since I only hand-wash her clothes.

I just had to post this picture because it's soooo cute! Please, don't you dare disagree. LOL. My little one's enjoying her white rice with broccoli and carrots. Which is her favorite meal at the moment. She drooled and unknowingly spit some of the food but who cares? She's got her Explora Easi-Roll Bib! This is the pink bib, the one on top is purple. That 2-pack I received really looks good on my girl! I'm going to need some more!

The products mentioned above are BPA-free so parents need not worry!

Besides Babies R Us, the full line of Tommee Tippee products are now available at Target! Isn't that awesome?!

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Disclaimer: The content of this review is based on my knowledge, research and wording. I was given the product/s to test.

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