Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Apartment Updates!

In relation to my previous post about our apartment, I now have new updates!

Ehrlich went to our unit for cockroach control last December 16 and December 30, as stated in their notice. Well, I liked that they gave us some nice sticky traps during their first visit. But this didn't solve the issue completely. I noticed that some roaches died but we can still see some roaches trapped on the traps Ehrlich gave us.

Well, me and my husband decided to just give up. We won't be complaining about the roaches and rodents issue because it's causing us headaches! We'll just wait until next month, as our lease ends, then we'll be free! Yay! I won't be posting yucky pictures anymore. No more thinking about those pests, I got used to them anyway. The management must have tried what they can to stop it, as I said previously, they do act fast... but this is kind of inevitable.

But wait, the leasing manager wants to talk about it in person, I just got the email, as in right now! I hope she lets us go this month! Wish us luck! =)

Before I end this, we also have two new neighbors, I think. And they look kind and approachable! I feel more at ease and comfortable knowing they're the ones next door, I just wished they were before we did! Our stay could have been better!

Now, readers, I'm not saying you shouldn't rent here, it's all up to you!

Disclaimer: The content of this review is based on my experience. A current resident when this post was written.

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