Monday, December 12, 2011

Truly Spill and Leak Proof #Cups for #Little and Big #Ones!

My little one is growing fast and she needed to replace her trainer cup with something for a 9-month old! Again, I thought of Tommee Tippee! I love it because when we got her trainer cup, we were able to use the handle with our old Tommee Tippee bottles. Yes! It fits both the 5oz and 9oz Closer to Nature® bottles!

Anyway, back to the sippy cups. I read the instructions first and washed it before giving it to my baby. I realized how different it is from the other cups. Here are some of the advantages:

1) The spout is dura-soft, you don't have to worry about hurting your little one's gums!
2) The 'rubber' on the body of the cup makes it easier for my baby to grip.
3) This rubber also extends to the bottom, and as you can see, I can put the cup at the corner of my shaky laptop table worry-free! I tried to shake the table and it didn't fall! Whew!

4) Of course, how can't it be not spill-and-leak-proof when it's designed by a physicist! Tried and tested at different angles!

5) I love that it has a cover to keep it safe! Did I mention flies? Eew.

I wish it has the "open-close" sign on the cover on the cup so it'll be easier for me to know whether I should open it clockwise or the opposite. =)

Anyway, if you have friends with little ones, the Closer to Nature® bottles partnered with Explora Truly Spill-Proof sippy cups will be the perfect present this Christmas! I'd for sure like to receive other great Tommee Tippee products! They have a variety of products for different ages - sippy cups from 4 to 24 months+! Even you, as an adult, can use the drinking cup! *Wink* And of course, the bottles are from newborn until whenever! Buy now at Babies R Us or Toys R Us, they're available exclusively for those stores!

Like Tommee Tippee via Facebook here! and Follow Tommee Tippee via Twitter now! Also, don't forget check and tell your friends about their recently-launched FREE online service called The Day Baby Was Born™ where you can brag about your baby's milestones! It's like an online baby book where you can save photos and share it with your friends and family via Facebook! The good thing about this online program is that you won't lose it and you can access it anywhere! :)

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